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regex automation
Entity Framework – What and Why?

Entity Framework is an open source object relational model framework for the applications built on .NET. It facilitates the developers to work with data without looking into underlying database tables and columns where the data is stored. With Entity Framework in place, developers can now create and maintain data-oriented applications with less code when compared…

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warehouse rpa | iNatrix
RPA in Warehouse Management

In today’s world, technology has been improved to a great extent, where many industries demand to be abreast with technology and its far reaching capabilities. A deep dive into warehouse management will show various processes, including sorting, packing, picking, storage, shipping, transportation, retrieval, etc., and in present day, all these processes are done by humans.…

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AI in Financial Analytics – The Machine Learning Engine

Cashflow planning, forecasting is done through state-of-the art algorithms and automated data discovery techniques that analyze your historical data, find patterns, outliers, anomalies, relationship between various variables. A machine learning driven engine gives you a precise vision on what will affect your Cash Flow position and by how much. The traditional way to build a…

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Artificial Intelligence in Financial Analytics

Successful businesses care for extensive cash flow planning.  Mature finance teams follow best practices, to review everything on a regular basis to see what actually happened versus what they said would happen. Being aligned with your payment terms for payables and receivables, or planning your cash needs for the next quarter or year is not…

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Chatbots – The new frontier in Artificial Intelligence driven Sales

Imagine on a weekend, a customer decides to buy a laptop; he has made a list of all features and technical specifications required. Next, he visits your website to check prices, but its Saturday late evening and ends up at a Contact form telling “we will get back you soon”. Sounds disappointing? The customer was…

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Artificial Intelligence for Event Management

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting our lives and going forward, it will become an eminent feature of every system. Relying on computation for decision-making gives businesses a greater competitive edge. And, we have people talking about AI everywhere, from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg. Event management is no exception and an AI experience will…

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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance might sound like a buzzword but I have seen it in action. I can take the credit for implementing it and rendering it useful for end users. I spoke about predictive maintenance and how it can work across industries in a webinar. Predicting unplanned failures can be beneficial to- Determine warranty cost Determine root cause…

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Asset Maintenance and System Reliability go Hand in Hand.

System reliability, uptime and downtime measures are core to industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas pipeline. Reliability measurement also plays an important role for consumer-oriented services such as gas stations, ATMs, and electric charging stations. Measuring these inter-related measures helps us check system’s health, identify bottlenecks, and offer us areas of opportunity to enhance…

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Revenue Cycle Management: Effective Charge Capture using RPA

In the current phase where there are rapid changes in reimbursement methods, it is imperative that healthcare organizations capture every charge representing the care provided, and they bill correctly as per regulations. Unfortunately some RCM applications fail to identify missed charges and make the process of rectifying any leakage harder than it has to be.…

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Automated Data Discovery – The Next Level in Business Intelligence

Many technology breakthroughs have taken place in last 10-15 years and have brought to the current stage where automated data discovery (ADD) is achievable and will soon become the regular way of conducting data profiling/data exploration exercises. There was a time when pulling data from Teradata or Brio to Excel, Minitab, perform an analysis on…

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How can RPA help in Healthcare RCM?

Recent research shows that the healthcare RCM market is projected to grow to USD 65.2 billion by 2025. This growing market would need skilled workforce, which is already a scarce resource. With this tremendous projected growth, hiring and retaining top talent will pose to be a huge challenge. Unlike other automated approaches, Robotic Process Automation…

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Data security for GDPR and long-term RPA solutions

In my previous blogs, I spoke about GDPR and use cases where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can provide some quick wins and help organizations work towards GDPR adherence without making extensive changes to their processes and LOB applications. In this blog, I will discuss areas where RPA can provide long-term compliance. With the GDPR, there…

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GDPR PII – RPA solutions to address new PII identifiers

In my previous blog, I introduced how RPA can address some of the mandatory obligations put in force by GDPR. Here, I take up the scope of GDPR personal identifiable information (PII) and how RPA can address some of the cases. GDPR increases the scope of personal identifiable information (PII) identifiers by including online identifiers…

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How can RPA address GDPR compliance needs?

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25th, 2018 and it replaces the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. GDPR applies to all organizations gathering, processing and storing personal data of European Union citizens regardless of the organization location. Data covered under GDPR includes any data that can be used to identify…

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The Bot Controversy – Scare or Care?

“The BOTS are coming! The BOTS are coming! The BOTS are coming to take your jobs!” It is always scary to read such stories! And what is even worse? Reading scary facts that thousands & millions will lose their jobs because of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and further linking it to dooms day! “BOTS will…

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BI Airlines
Analytics and Trends Evolution in the Airline Industry

I always follow research efforts by MIT Center of Transportation.  It is an easy way to know the problems that mature airline industry of North America is facing and attempting to solve.  Another such department active in the field of airline industry was (and still is) the ISYE- Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Georgia…

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RPA claim processing
RPA in Claim Processing reduces Claim Denials

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) companies face numerous challenges, including claim denials and cost to collect. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of medical bills contain errors and a report by Advisory Board states that 90% of claim denials are preventable and can be corrected for payment. Claim denial management is a big opportunity…

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Outliers – An important element in Business Intelligence

It’s always fascinating to observe outliers and understand them. Outliers are the data points that don’t seem to fit well with rest of the data population. It is interesting that data points with outlier behavior are ‘outlier’ but can be found in almost every dataset that you get your hands on. Identifying outliers is always…

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AI for enterprise
Intelligent Solutions using Cloud Based AI Platforms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two big buzzwords prevalent across the industries today. People, in particular developers are fascinated with this emergent technology, irrespective of their area of expertise. While a lot of them are still trying to figure out the nuances of AI and ML, the world has moved on to…

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OCR, ICR and RPA – The nuts and bolts

We spoke about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how bots can be used to speed up processes and remove unintentional errors which crop up during document management. The two techniques followed in the automation industry are OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), to read any type of document and extract data. Most…

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regex automation
Integrating Regex in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is Regex? Regular Expression, REGEX, or regexp, sometimes called a rational expression, can be defined as a sequence of characters that form a search pattern. It’s like sorcery to a layman, something they don’t really comprehend, but want to make use of anyway, for it’s a very powerful tool, especially when used aptly and…

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